Women Walking in Wisdom encourages missionary work around the world.  Here’s one couple we want you to support.

“Jonathan Reid and his Wife Wendy walk the walk with their children and missions outreach to at-risk youth in Peru.”

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My wife Wendy and I grew up as missionary kids and met in the town of Pucallpa, Peru back in 1989.  Sometime after we were married, friends of ours in Peru invited us to join them in the work they were doing – ministry to community children in the same town where we grew up.

The time wasn't right for us then, but over the years we kept getting the same request, sometimes in different ways and from different people.

We prayed about it, and decided to apply to Kids Alive International, who our friends are now working under.  You can follow our ministry, and find out more information about what Kids Alive is doing in Peru and around the world.

Our website will be updated more frequently once we are in Peru. You can subscribe to our mailing list, or follow the links to read more about Kids Alive.

Website: www.jonandwendy.org  Contact us: jonandwendy@gmail.com

Kids Alive International is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs.

Kids Alive provides children with the love and care every child deserves, and raises them to be contributing members of their society and witnesses to their family and community.

Want to know more?  Check out their Living Wisely Magazine Interview:

LW: Living as a missionary definitely requires a life of sacrifice.  How did you and your spouse decide this was the road you wanted for your family?

JR: We grew up as missionary kids and both felt early on that we too would be missionaries.  It’s hard to see life different than how your parents bring you up. We weren’t sure what that would look like and never thought we’d end up back in Peru, but the need for help starting up the orphanage kept coming up and we feel God works that way.  We hadn’t been approached about other opportunities.  Wendy always felt called to work with kids, and got her degree in Psychology and Spanish with a desire to counsel kids with troubled backgrounds. This opportunity couldn’t be a better fit for that desire!  Growing up overseas was amazing and we love the Latin culture, so we can’t really say that we feel we’re sacrificing very much! 

LW: What is the most exciting and also the most challenging part of missionary work?

JR: Going overseas to another culture is always exciting.  I’d say the MOST exciting thing we look forward to is changing lives and seeing how God works in each child and perhaps seeing them one day being used by God in similar work.  Many kids from the Kids Alive homes grow up wanting to give back to the ministry that changed their lives.   The most challenging part of missionary work is just the fact that you are on 24/7 call and all of us can get burned out. Please pray for wisdom as we take on our responsibilities, that God will let us know when to reach out for help and depend completely on Him and not ourselves!

LW:  Along with monthly donations how can we BEST support missionaries in the field?  

JR: There is nothing more powerful than PRAYER!  Money is important, but nothing is accomplished without God and having others interceding with prayer is something we ask for CONSTANTLY.  We are humans and we often can lose focus.  This ministry is very important and we can’t do it without God, so please pray for those serving all over the world – Satan does not want them to succeed!